Anti-Poaching Station
Mongolia Autonomous Region of Qinghai

The Shanghai based firm, MRT design, was asked to design a portable and highly efficient anti-poaching station for a group of Mongolian conservationists in Geermu, Qinghai. Eleanor has been photographing Bill Yen and his team’s projects since her arrival to Shanghai in 2008. She had been solo trekking holy mountains of eastern Tibet and decided to take a break and head further west to see the final design, execution, and presentation.




With the vinyl enclosure down the unit can hold at least 8 adults and stay warm during the cold desert nights. The exterior design was inspired by NASA space stations while the interior retains a traditional Mongolian design. The container is raised and lowered by hydraulics for easy transportation and the weight will prevent from being moved by devastating winds often found in the region.

Check out the tv show that was filmed that weekend featuring Bill Yen and this one-of-a-kind design by visiting this LINK.

The crew, design team, conservationists, and I did get to spend some time having fun in the desert when we all had some break time. It was the first time Eleanor had the opportunity to drive through the isolated sand dunes of western China in a 4WD.20151001_mrtGeermuExploration-67